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Do Baby Vitamins (With Iron) Really Stain Their Teeth?

J.L. asks from Tucson

My 9-mo-old son has recently begun rejecting baby cereal. It's the age - he's trying out finger foods. He eats solids several times a day and is breastfed (with one...


TMI Alert: Serious Postpartum Constipation!

C.H. asks from Portland

I'm just fed up with this situation after having tried almost everything I can think of, so I had to come here and kvetch/ask for advice. I'm six weeks postpartum an...


Nursing Mom and 8 Month Old Immune Systeme Need Help!

2.B. asks from Pocatello

We have been sick for 6 weeks. It is one kind of sickness after another, flue, cold, flue, cold. With a few days of being ok in between. We just get over something an...


Severe Ezema While Pregnant

K.C. asks from Texarkana

So with my last pregnancy i got alil bit on ezema on my arms in a few batches nothing major but this go around it came back and BAD, my arms are totally covered and t...


Treating Depression W/o Meds

A.W. asks from St. Joseph

I feel I have been struggling with a slight case of depression since I had children and it has gotten worse over the past few months. I feel like I am grouchy all th...


Cymbalta or Xanax and Breastfeeding

J.S. asks from Phoenix

Has anyone breastfed while taking either Cymbalta and/or Xanax? I've battled anxiety and depression all my life and I've stayed off meds for the last several years. ...


Help - My 13 Month Old Has a Bad Diaper Rash!

A.L. asks from Norfolk

My 13 month old daughter developed a sudden diaper rash with two very raw areas that look like popped blisters (approx 2 cm in diameter)right where her bottom cheeks ...



K.B. asks from Phoenix

I AM SOOOO DESPERATE FOR HELP!!! my son is 6 months old and has VERY sensitive skin. he screams most of the day, cant sleep other than 10 min at a time when he wears...


New to Eczyma

R.L. asks from Spokane

My son was just "diagnosed" wth eczyma. He is 2 years old and it is driving him crazy. I don't know anything about this problem and would love any ideas everyone ha...


When to Stop Breastfeeding

J.N. asks from Lincoln

I am looking for opinions on when it is ok to stop breastfeeding. I nursed my 1st child to 11 mo, second didn't work out so well, and was only able to nurse for 7 we...