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Seeking General Practitioner and Orthopedic Doctor

J.P. asks from St. Louis

I'm looking for a doctor for my husband and I in the South County/Mehlville area. We need a general practitioner and an orthopedic doctor/surgeon. Someone with late...


Seeking a General Doctor in San Antonio, Tx

J.D. asks from San Antonio

I am seeking a General Doctor that isn't always too busy to seat and talk, and who also doesn't rush through any exam.


A Good Doctor at Coon Rapids Womens Clinic?

M.C. asks from Minneapolis

I am new to Allina and have never seen a doctor yet there. I am due for my pap smear and was wondering which doctor at the Coon Rapids Womens Clinic is a good doctor...


!St Grader Needing Eye Doctor

M.V. asks from Chicago

My 6 yo daughter needs to see an eye doctor according to her school. I'm not sure I'm comfortable taking her to Lenscrafters (where I go for my eyes). Does anyone h...


Physician Assistant Vs. Doctor for Growth Plate Fracture

N.Z. asks from Los Angeles

My 4 year old has a growth plate fracture in the femur. She has an appointment in the orthopedics department tomorrow, but with a physician assistant (PA) rather tha...


I Think I Lost My Mucus Plug, Should I Call the Doctor?

J.S. asks from Tulsa

Hello I am 37 weeks pregnant and on Wednesday I was dialated to a 1. I Thursday I had some strange discharge that was kinda snotty/slimy looking and today I had a big...


Need New Doctor (General Practice) for DH and Me

B.P. asks from Dallas

Greetings Moms (and Dads who lurk) - DH and I live in Keller and we both have the same doctor. In the few times that we've made appointments to see this doctor, w...


Back Pain-how to Talk with the Doctor

T.M. asks from Portland

For a few weeks now i started to have a really bad back pain when I'm laying down. I read A LOT on the internet and of course i got myself a diagnose- ankylosing spon...


Doctor Refusing to Tell Patient the Gender of Her Baby

M.. asks from Youngstown

My cousin is pregnant with her first child and they could not be more excited. She is 20 weeks and had her first sonogram today and they were expecting to find out t...


Advice on Which Doctor My Kids Should See/ Kaiser

V.R. asks from Portland

Our family is moving to SE Portland soon and we have Kaiser coverage. I was wondering if anyone can suggest a good doctor for the kids?