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Does My Son Need Glasses?

G.M. asks from Cleveland

My 7 yr old complains that his eyes hurt and sometimes of headaches. I am thinking he may need glasses. I also catch him squinting his eyes every once in a while. ...


Hyper 4 Year Old

E.M. asks from Louisville

i have an extremely hyper 4 year old who honestly makes me batty at times. for months my mom has just said oh shes just 4. well she stayed over night last night now m...


Optometrist Vs. Pediatric Opthalmologist

R.W. asks from New York

My daughter failed her vision screening in school back in March. I took her to an optometrist who said her vision was borderline (20/40) and didn't want to prescribe ...


4 Year Old with Learning Problems

M.J. asks from Washington DC

My daughter will be 4 Jan. 24 and she is extremely smart in every aspect except learning letters and numbers. We bought her a leap frog leap pad for christmas so she ...


4 Year Old... Can't focus...hyper...

J.P. asks from Phoenix

My four year old is a very HYPER kid. It seems like he can't focus. ( he can, just seems hard for him to do). He gets frustrated easily when we are practicing pre-sch...


My 3 Year Old Needs Glasses

V.B. asks from Houston

Hi Mamas, I took my 3 year old to the eye doctor today because he was showing signs of not being able to see (squinting A LOT, standing RIGHT in front of the TV, a...


At What Age Should Child Start Seeing Optometrist?

M.B. asks from Phoenix

Hi Ladies - I have a 4 y/o daughter who, as far as we know, has perfect vision. My vision insurance is coming up for renewal and I haven't decided if whether I sh...


*3 Year Old with Rash Around Her EYES*

R.D. asks from Richmond

okay i dont if i've addressed this before, but my 3 year old is DEFINATELY my rashy kid! its always something! she went to the pediatrician 3 weeks ago for a check up...


My 4 Year Old Has Some Learning Delays

G.T. asks from Boston

I am in the process of getting early intervention for my 4 year old for speech. She doesn't enunciate well and you can't always understand what she says. I'm also c...


Migraines in a 4 Year Old

C.M. asks from Phoenix

I think my son my be suffering from migraines, which scares me since I have never experienced them. I didn't think that a child so young could develop migraines, but ...