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Is the Book NIGHT Appropriate for Middle Schoolers?

M.M. asks from Dallas

Our middle school is suggesting Elie Weisel's book, Night for our 8th graders next year. We were anticipating reading The Diary Of Anne Frank. Night is a book that ...


3 Year Old Prescribed Adderall- HELP!!!!

N.A. asks from Spokane

After the last 18 months or so we finally have some answers to our sons ourbursts and radical behavior. Our 3 year old has been diagnosed with Autism and his Dr. put...


Help with ADHD Meds/psychiatric Problems

L.B. asks from Washington DC

My son is 9 & was diagnosed as ADHD at the age of 5. He was taking Concerta until about 6 months ago. He is now taking Adderall, recently switched to Adderall XR. ...


Movie Question

D.K. asks from Denver

My son who is four LOVES super heroes, I mean loves them. I have watched with him all the Spiderman movies, I felt they were simple in nature, only super hero violen...


How to Handle Toddler Whose Mother Does Not Discipline at All!

K.R. asks from Washington DC

I got together with two friends over the weekend for a playgroup/Mom get together. My son is 2 1/2 and their sons are 3 1/2. I am not a super strict Mom by any mean...


How to Handle "Hitting"

E.L. asks from Tucson

My son is 18 months old, I have been a sahm the whole time. I have recently started caring for other children in my home. I have done this for a few reasons....1). ...


Superhero Pretend Play

R.H. asks from Boston

My four-year-old is really into pretend play, which is great. THanks to her comic-book loving dad, she is also really into superheros and X-Men, so naturally she inco...


"Little Altercation" at My Son's School

E.M. asks from Phoenix

So I picked my son up from school today and the aftercare teacher said those dreaded words..."I need to speak with you, because there was a little altercation today."...


Where Do I Start

M.R. asks from Fort Wayne

My son is going to be 5 in june. He is currently inrolled in a preschool setting in our town. I was approached a few weeks ago by his teacher and she had told me he w...


Can't Get First Grade Son to Stop Making Gun Motions

J.L. asks from Portland

Somewhere along the line in the past few months my son has picked up making "gun motions" with his hands and noises.. like he'll point like a gun and make a gun nois...