Violence: Infant

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My 2 Yr Olds Violent Behavior

A.B. asks from Los Angeles

Can someone please help me I have no clue what to do anymore about my 2 yr olds violent and mean behavior towards both of his siblings.he has a severely handicapped 1...


Son with ADD Has Violent Temper

S.T. asks from Phoenix

My son is 5 1/2 he is not on meds, and he is also in Kindergarten, at home when he does not get his way he gets really violent, even when he is put in a timeout chair...


F/U To SS with Violent Fantasies and Behavior

L.S. asks from Knoxville

Hi Mamas, Since several people asked me to give an update, I decided to post this as a new question. I'm not sure if the ''so what happened' alerts you that I post...



J.R. asks from Los Angeles

I am really upset. My two-year old just told his grandfather that he killed a toy robot and he died. He pretended to cry and told his grandfather to bring him back ...


"Violent" Motions During Feeding and Cranky Time....

L.V. asks from New York 5 week old son has a horrible habit of becoming "violent" while eating some of his meals. IT is usually during the evening formula-fed bottles. He will suck f...



J.L. asks from Los Angeles

I have a 5 yr old son wh refusess to listen to anything i say to him so i end up yelling at him. his behavior consists of him swearing,wynning and saying he can't go...


6 Year Old Becoming More Violent at school...what to Do?

K.H. asks from Wausau

My 6 year old daughter started out a sweet girl who listened well. Now that she's in Kindergarten she's become progressivly violent to other students. I t started out...


4 y.o. Foster Child Violent, Won't Listen, Testing

J.K. asks from Springfield

Very long now, update at bottom. My partner and I are foster parents who recently had a 4 year old placed who is giving us a serious run for our money. He's been ...


Behavior Questions

S.S. asks from Spartanburg

Hello moms, I was wondering if any other moms have suspicions about whether or not diets (gluten and/or casein) really affects a child’s behavior. I think the c...


10 Year Old Violent

A.D. asks from Orlando

Hi to all the moms out there, im in dispair so im hoping you all can help me :( first let me say that over the last 6 months things have just gotten worse and im not ...