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Need a Creative Solution

C.K. asks from Pittsburgh

Hi Mamas, I am blessed with a really intellegent and creative 7 year old; unfortunately, her wisdom sometimes presents challenges I have no idea how to meet. Sh...


Photo Props

S.T. asks from Kansas City

Where is a good place to find photo props or stuff for pictures? I take all of my kids and family photos but need some props. Thank you


Old Fashioned Toddler Pull Toys

D.M. asks from Waterloo

I have recently found the cutest pull toys for toddlers ages 3 and up that are a pellet stuffed animal on wooden wheels that a child can pull along with them. Do you ...


Living Room Help!

T.L. asks from St. Louis

I have a good size living room, but do not have an entire free wall. I have four windows, two sets of french doors and a stair case in my living room. Needless to sa...


Jff-what Is Your Retail Weakness?

ღ.. asks from Detroit

I am obsessed with shoes and designer jeans. Oh, and earrings. Love them, I could marry them! How about you? I know you have one!


To Play or Not to Play?

L.G. asks from San Antonio

Do you allow your children to play with special edition toys such as the holiday barbie or do you save them for them unopened? My daughter is always asking for them a...


JFF - What Is Your Best Re-use, Repurpose Idea?

S.E. asks from Philadelphia

OK I just wanted to share this because it was funny and just so improbable.... We really started to focus on reduce reuse recycle about a year ago. We are down to...


What Are Your Thoughts on Used Gifts? JFF

N.N. asks from Detroit

Do you feel that regifting or purchashing a gift from a garage sale is tacky? Now obviously, by “used” I’m not talking about trash or something in ridiculously...


Cute Ideas for 1 Year Old Portrait

K.A. asks from Los Angeles

Hello! I need some fun ideas for how to prepare for my son's pictures at JC Penny next week. He's never had professional portraits in a studio (my friend has taken ...


Seeking Ideas for a Recurring Gift

A.M. asks from Austin

My plan is to give a recurring gift to my brother's kids every year for their birthdays. For my niece, I got her a silver charm bracelet for her first birthday, an...