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How Do I React to My 7-Year Old's Behavior?

C.C. asks from Fresno

Hi moms, This morning, my 7 year old daughter decided to carve her name into my husband's antique dresser. It had been his grandfather's dresser, and is over 100 yea...


Hubby Wants to Buy Another Old Hobby I Have to Be the "Bad Guy" Again!?

C.B. asks from Madison

My hubby and I are just trying to make ends meet. His job is not stable right now with the economy, and I only work very limited part time hours and stay home with ou...


Train for a 4 Year Old Girl

B.C. asks from Dallas

My DD is 4 and has asked Santa for a toy train. I'm thinking that she wants the ones like we have at church which are the wooden tracks with wooden/magnetic trains. ...


Barbie Organization Ideas

S.B. asks from Minneapolis

Does anyone have a good system for storing all of your child's Barbie dolls (she already has about 9 of them) and accessories? The carrying case I see on the toy st...


Homemade Baby Blankets, Soft Blocks, Babybooks

L.Z. asks from Chicago

Hi Mama's looking for some advice. My girlfriend makes beautiful baby blankets, soft blocks, nursing covers, babybooks, and various forms of homemade stationary/lett...


Decluttering Anyone? How Do You Make Your House "Homey"?

L.D. asks from San Angelo

Hello. I have been decluttering for a couple of years. I despise all knicknacks, figurines, etc... I feel our house looks and feels larger and I will do more as I g...


Helmet or No Helmet on a Tricycle? My Husband and I Differ on This Issue.

S.M. asks from Washington DC

Our son just turned 4 and suddenly took an interest in his tricycle. It's an antique one (circa 1948) that my Dad refurbished that all us kids used and then all the g...


Social Conscience Vs. Personal Hygiene?

M.O. asks from New York

Hi moms, I am the mom of a wonderful, bright, sensitive, sometimes very intense 3-year-old boy. At his preschool, they're currently doing a unit on "be kind to the...


HELP - Advice on Organization/Storage of 3 Year Olds Toys!

S.W. asks from Boston

Hello fellow Mamas! We are a family of 3; Dad (active duty Coast Guard out to sea about 280 days of the year), 3 year old daughter (in preschool) and me (Mama/full-t...


Child's Tea Set

K.C. asks from Los Angeles

I'm looking to buy a tea set for a nine year old girl and I didn't realize how tiny so many of them are. Any advice on whether ceramic or porcelain is better? Are you...