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6 Year Old Terrified to Go Upstairs

S.B. asks from Houston

My 6 year old son sleeps on the floor by my bed every night. He is too scared to even GO upstairs alone and ABSOLUTELY won't go in his room without escort even in br...


6 Year Old Girl's Birthday Party

S.G. asks from St. Louis

My oldest daughter is going to be turning six in a few weeks. I wasn't planning on having a big party for her this year, but she has been invited to two parties from...


Toy Storage Issues

M.H. asks from St. Louis

I would like to know what other moms do about toys like Legos and other building toys when their child builds a "masterpiece." My children feel that every creation i...


How to Tell 8 y.o. About Santa...

A.B. asks from Odessa

We are a Christian family that teach our children the true meaning of Christmas, but we also have let them have the fun with Santa. We are debating telling our oldes...


How Do I React to My 7-Year Old's Behavior?

C.C. asks from Fresno

Hi moms, This morning, my 7 year old daughter decided to carve her name into my husband's antique dresser. It had been his grandfather's dresser, and is over 100 yea...


Stocking Stuffers for 9 Year Old Boy

M.J. asks from Milwaukee

I have lots of stocking stuffer ideas for my younger kids but can't think of much for my 9 yo DS. I got him a fleece scarf and some hand warmers for at the ski hill b...


Christmas Gift Ideas for a 8 Year Old Girl

J.C. asks from Rockford

My mom wants to get my son's girlfriend's daughter a Christmas gift. My hubby and I have already sent gift cards a pajama set for her so I'm out of ideas to suggest t...


Starting Chores for 7 Year Old

P.G. asks from Dallas

Let's just say I'm kinda clueless in this area. I don't remember chores as a kid. I'm "good enough" at keeping house, but not great. I have a 7 year old son (only chi...


Hey Mommas....Need Help with Christmas Shopping for a 6 Year Old Boy!

C.F. asks from Chicago

Hi there! I am in need of help with creative ideas for Christmas shopping this year. My son just had his birthday Nov 20th so I really have a hard time with this to...


Should I Stop My 9 Year Old Playing with Thomas Trains?

S.T. asks from Houston

My son has some behavioral challenges, he is very clever, but in some ways retarded socially. He has been playing with Thomas the train since he was 2. Every single d...