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Alternatives to Fabric Softener?

C.D. asks from Detroit

I've stopped using fabric softener sheets, because of all the chemicals and whatnot. Is there anything I can do to my laundry so it doesn't come out of the dryer all...


Cleaning Wood Floors?

C.G. asks from Chicago

Hi, We have hardwood floors(not laminate)and I cannot seem to get them clean and streak free! When we moved in the builder said we should only use white vinegar and...


Smelly Blankets - Any Suggestions?

T.R. asks from Milwaukee

Hi moms, we buy fleece blankets to put down for the dogs to lay on. They are typically washed weekly (as are the dogs), although sometimes it gets a bit longer. Re...


Organizing Cleaning Supplies!

R.L. asks from Roanoke

Where do you keep your cleaning supplies? Are they all centrally located somewhere in your house, or dispersed throughout? Right now, I have most of it under the si...


Stink Removal

J.D. asks from Cincinnati

I wanted to tell you all that I found out how to get the stink out of clothes. After lots of white vinegar and no results I discovered that baking soda added to the ...


JFF: Those Chips on the Main Page... Mmmm....

T.B. asks from Bloomington

JFF: What is your favorite flavor/type of chips? My favorite is salt and vingar kettle chips, but jalepeno kettle chips come in close second! Just thinking about...


Dishwasher-Funky Smell

L.C. asks from Dallas

A funky smell has developed in our washer. There are no food particles that I can find, but a less than pleasant order is present. Can I run the dishwasher with som...


Single Pot Coffee Maker/like Kurig How to Make Cocoa Not Taste like Coffee

M.L. asks from Cleveland

I hate the taste of coffee, Hubs got a Hamiliton beach single pot coffee maker for Christmas that he uses daily for his coffee, He thought he was being nice and...


Seeking Green/chemical Free Cleaning

L.C. asks from Portland

I am looking for any and all ideas/suggestions of how to clean my house without the use of toxic chemicals. I have started dusting with just a slightly damp washclot...


Laundry Question

V.R. asks from Redding

My son has some bacteria on his feet that cause them to be very stinky. His socks stink even after they've been washed in the machine. I'm wondering if pre-soaking th...