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Need Help Regarding Kid Toiletries.

N.B. asks from San Juan

Hello mom's. I need help choosing a good soap, shampoo, oil and body lotion for my 3 and half year old daughter. Till now i was using Jhonson and Jhonsons baby pr...


Phosphate Free Liquid Dishwasher Detergent That Works!

M.M. asks from Dallas

Is there a phosphate free liquid dishwasher detergent that works? One that does not leave a film on plastics and actually cleans milk glasses. Thank you in advance!


Detergent for Newborn

M.R. asks from San Francisco

What detergent should I use to wash my baby's clothes? Is it wise to use Tide without bleach, dyes, etc? Or use a detergent specifically for babies?


Pee-pee on Clothes

H.O. asks from Atlanta

I'm having trouble getting the pee-pee accidents out of the clothes and bed sheets. Some of them still smell like urine even after two washes. Does anyone have any...


Cleaning Clothes Diapers

A.I. asks from Lansing

well wiyh baby # 5 on the way i find myself having to wash myown clothes diapers and have no idea what to do what kind of soap to use on them and hoew to store them w...


Advice for How Much an Active ~1 Yr Old Should Be Eating

A.M. asks from Chicago

My son is going to be 1 during the middle of the month. He is a crawling and cruising fanatic. He currently eats 3 meals a day and 1 snack. However, I don't know i...


Safe Cleaning Products

W.A. asks from Dallas

I want to start using cleaning products that have less chemicals and are safe for the kids. There are many brands at the health store, some are expensive. Did any o...


Cleaning Products for Home Daycare(non Bleach)

J.M. asks from Minneapolis

what kind of products do you use in your home daycare I am getting a headache from the smell and also have kids that have asthma that seem irritated by the smell and ...


Question About Washing Nrewborn Clothes

K.S. asks from Portland

My due date is getting close and I want to wash and prepare clothes for our new baby. We have the high efficiency washing machine and use the special laundry detergen...