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Looking to Turn Camcorder Tapes into Dvd's

C.J. asks from Chicago

I was looking for a place that turns Camcorder tapes into DVD's. I am looking around the Frankfort, New Lenox, Orland Park area. I was just wanting to know if anyone ...


Inexpensive Camcorder with Reasonable Quality Needed

S.R. asks from Phoenix

My kid wants a camcorder for xmas. Not sure why she can't use her phone, she says it fills up the storage too fast. Anyway, I don't want to spend too much on someth...


Need Recommendations for a Good Camcorder Please!

A. asks from Columbus

Hi! I am shopping for a camcorder - nothing fancy, just to carry around for kid activities and play. I would like to play back on the TV and be able to upload video...


Looking for Recommendation on Digital Camcorder and Washer/Dryer

K.L. asks from Tulsa

I'm making some major purchases and would like some real life opinions. I've been shopping for a digital camcorder and am totally overwhelmed with all the options. ...


Which Camcorder Is Best? Have VHS Model but Thinking of Getting a DVD Model

G.R. asks from Chicago

We received a Sony mini-VHS tape camcorder 5 years ago as a Wedding Gift. We've used it, but literally have never replayed any of the videos yet. We have a feeling ...


Where Can I Hire Someone to Take Video & Stills of Me with My Son (Single Dad)

P.C. asks from Portland

As a single father, with limited visitation, I would like to capture more videos and stills of myself and my son during his visits to my home, so I would like to find...


Converting Old Video Camcorder Tapes to Digital?

B.A. asks from Chicago

Does anyone know of a service/company/machine that can convert old tapes to digital? They're the smallish ones that go inside the camcorder, not the VHS size. Thanks!



K.P. asks from Portland

Hi! I was wondering if any of you have a hard drive camcorder and if so how you like it. I have a dvd camcorder but it just seems like it doesnt hold enough and you h...


Seeking Advice on Camcorders for 10 Yr Old.

M.M. asks from Lansing

My 10 yr old has asked for a camcorder for Christmas. I'm not sure If I want to get him this for Christmas or not. I was wondering if anyone can recommended a cheap...


Seeking Advice on Camcorders

M.K. asks from San Francisco

Hi Fellow Mamas! We are looking to purchase a new camcorder to capture on film all of the cute things our (almost) one year old is doing! I have seen 3 types of cam...