Video Games: Infant

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Video Games

N.A. asks from Richmond

I don't. Know how to get my 13 year old to do much of anything All he wants to do is video games on his Dads xbox which he transports back & forth. Of course his doct...


Don't Own Mature Video Games

M.E. asks from Tampa

We don't allow my 11 year old son to play mature video games at home. We don't own an Xbox or Playstation. The only video system he has is a Wii. Recently, we allowed...


Son Wants to Switch Video Game System

C.T. asks from Santa Fe

We held out for a long time and did not have a video game system despite years of begging from our son. Finally when he was 8 and a half we were given a used Wii, and...


What Do You Think of the Wii?

L.G. asks from Philadelphia

My almost 7 year old son just told me he wants a new Lego video game. The catch is that it is for the Wii which we do not have. My boys have never been into video g...


Video Games Already!!!

C.S. asks from Chattanooga

My son is 3 yrs old and will be four next month. I try my best in keeping him on a good sleaping, eating, and outside recreation schedule to keep him healthy. But lat...



T.B. asks from Tampa

Hello ladies, We purchased the Wii Sport for our children this year. The unit came with one controller. Do we need to get another one? DO we need the tennis racke...


Video Games for a 5 1/2 Yr Old

K.J. asks from San Francisco

With out my consent my husband thought it would be a great idea to get a video game system for my son to play. He got a Playstaion 2 from some one from work. I did...


9 Year Old and Video Games

D.J. asks from Lake Charles

Hello all you wonderful mothers out there. I need a little bit of help. My nine year old son has recently become obsessed with video games! He's always liked them ...


Video Games and DS Thingies...

C.R. asks from Seattle

What are your thoughts on getting DS things and game boys? When do kids have too much access to technology? Is it a problem? I restrict my kids TV watching and Wii ga...


Enough with the Video Games Already.

A.J. asks from Williamsport

One day my kids will talk about how they had the weird, mean parents who didn't buy them any video games. Its not that they never play them...they are allowed to play...