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J.K. asks from Phoenix

Just wondered your opinion. I had my first child vaginally with no problems. 2 hours of labor and full term. Anyway, I have antibodies against the baby's platelets...



S.H. asks from Jacksonville

I have two children. I am thinking about having another child but I do not want to have another c section. I am scared after what happen with my daughter. I had my so...



D.B. asks from New York

I had a scheduled c-section with my first child about 4 years ago. My dr. at the time recommended it because my son was measuring big at the last sonogram and he gav...


Has Anyone Had a VBAC

A.B. asks from Philadelphia

I am almost 5 months pregnant with my 2nd child. I had to have a C-Section with my first child due to "arrest of labor". I would like to try for a VBAC this time ar...


Feedback on VBAC

E.L. asks from Honolulu

I had a caesarean birth when I was planning a home water birth, and I would like to try for a VBAC for my next child. I would love feedback from women who have done ...


VBAC Mamas

C.P. asks from Dallas

I am pregnant with my 2nd. I'm considering a VBAC. I had a very easy c-section with my first and a super fast recovery so I am not opposed to a 2nd c- sect. But, jus...


Successful VBAC?

J.D. asks from Grand Rapids

Hi, for my second child I want to try to have a VBAC. I am looking for anyone who had had a successful one who would be willing to share their experience with me and ...


Vbac Questions

N.W. asks from Chicago

Im looking for a doctor who is comfortable doing a vbac. I asked my current ob and they just tryed to talk me out of it by telling me there is to much risk involved....


VBAC Anyone?

T.A. asks from Oklahoma City

Ok, I have had 2 C-section births - the first one was emergency and the second one was planned. My doctor will not do a v-bac for insurance reasons and told me that ...


VBAC And Hospitals

L.C. asks from Chicago

I am 14 weeks pregnant with # 2. I had a c-section with my first b/c his decreasing heart rate from contractions(was given petosin b/c my water broke) and I didn't d...