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Need Recommendations for a Vacuum Cleaner

A.S. asks from Chicago

Hi, Moms. I have used a Miele vacuum cleaner for so many years that it is probably beyond repair. I am wondering about the newer vacuums that use water to clean. (...


Vacuum Cleaner Suggestions

K.S. asks from Detroit

I'm looking to buy a new vacuum cleaner. I need something that works really well sucking up pet hair....we have a big, furry golden. In the past I've found that the...



L.H. asks from Dallas

Can anyone recommend a good vacuum? Thinking about getting a dyson, but want to make sure I get the right one if I'm spending so much money. Anywhere I can go to get ...


How to Pick a Vacuum Cleaner

A.M. asks from Dallas

Hi moms, I need to buy a new vacuum cleaner... I started researching and I don't even know where to start! Like, is a Dyson really worth the money? Do other's work ...


Looking for a New Vacuum Cleaner

G.V. asks from Buffalo

I am looking for an upright bagless vacuum cleaner. I am currently on my 4th vacuum in approximately 6 months. We have three dogs, two cats, a two year old and a tw...



J.K. asks from Denver

Hi there everyone. My question is about vacuum cleaners. I have had a Dyson Animal now for six years. Well, about two years ago I had it "fixed" because the clutch...


New Vacuum Cleaner Advice

T.B. asks from Tampa

It is getting time to purchase a new vacuum cleaner and wanted to get honest reviews from the moms on this site. I know I could follow the reviews online but not sure...


Dyson Vacuum Cleaner??

P.B. asks from Houston

Okay. I just read a request for a good vacuum cleaner and looked at the many responses suggesting a Dyson. My question is.. Does it work great on wood floors as well?...


Vacuum Cleaner Suggestions

A.M. asks from Dallas

I recently noticed the brushes on my vacuum cleaner not rotating. I took it apart and found the ends of the bars that hold the brushes were melted (friction from hair...


Looking for a New Vacuum Cleaner, Any Recommendations?

S.G. asks from Houston

My old vacuum cleaner broke. I need a new one. I do not have pets. Any recommendations?