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Vacuum Reviews

M.P. asks from Kansas City

Has anyone ever used the Eureka Boss vacuum cleaner & if so, how'd you like it? I've had 3 Eureka Altima's and loved them as far as how well they pick up. They don't ...


Hepa Vacuum Cleaners

E.W. asks from Cleveland

Been searching through the internet to find a good vacuum cleaner. I have children with many indoor and outdoor allergies. We just replaced our carpeting with hardwoo...


Vacuum Question

M.P. asks from Boston

Hi Everyone, I am looking for a new vaccuum. Our current vaccuum is on it's last legs. I need a vaccuum that does both hard wood floors and carpet. We have a bl...


Needing a Good Couch cleaner.....ASAP!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J.W. asks from Dallas

I was just given a beautiful couch in great condition. Little did I know that it has some wierd odor too it....Kinda like a musty basement and cat urine mixture... We...


I'm Looking for a Recommendation for a Carpet Cleaning Machine . . .

P.C. asks from San Francisco

I'm looking to purchase a carpet cleaner, for the wall-to-wall carpets in my home (some plush, some berber). Does anyone have one they really like? If so, I'd love a ...


Ideas for Cleaning Microfiber Couch...

B.R. asks from New York

Does anyone know how to clean a microfiber couch? It's only 3 years old, but it looks 20 since the dog has made it his personal stomping ground. I vacuum it twice a...


How Do You Get Child's Urine Out of a Brand New Mattress???

T.W. asks from Dallas

We are potty training our 2 1/2 year old and she usually doesn't even go at night, but last night she went at least a gallon! I have her crib size mattress pad on her...


Disinfectants for Soft Surfaces

B.S. asks from Shreveport

I was just wondering if anyone knew of a good product to disinfect soft surfaces such as matresses and carpets. My son has frequent accidents on the floor and on the ...


Vomit on Carpet

M.T. asks from Austin

So over the weekend my son threw up on the carpet. I cleaned up all I could and then followed that with scrubbing with carpet cleaner. After all of that could still s...


Cat Urine Odor in Carpet

V.K. asks from Sacramento

OK my "kids" (22 and 20) who are in charge of cleaning the littler box recently threw away the rug that was under the car box to keep any stray cat urine or feces off...