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Teen Spends Her Paycheck in One Day

K.P. asks from Glens Falls

i would love to know how to teach my teens the value of money.my daughter gets paid on thursday and her money is gone by thursday night.it really makes me mad how she...


Stay at Home

L.F. asks from Dallas

Ok--how the heck does anyone in this area afford to stay at home? I want to go part time, or work from home, but am trying to figure out how. Anyone willing to shar...


Should I Help My 64 Yr Old Mother Be Financially Responsible

A.C. asks from Detroit

My mother is 64 years old. Her entire savings consists of $64,000.00 from the recent sale of her last house sold due to divorce. She collects a very small retirement ...


How Did You Teach Your Teen About Money

K.S. asks from Denver

Currently, DD is 15 and is super busy with sports and school, so she relies on us for money. She is pretty good at accepting limits and understanding when something i...


Electric, Water & Gas Bills in and Around Houston and Tech Shield Insulation

B.S. asks from Houston

We are buying a house...yay! We have lived in all bills paid apartments for the longest time, I have no idea what to budget for electricity, water & gas. We are a fam...


Living Expenses

B.H. asks from Chicago

I am a stay at home mom with 3 kids under 4 and am struggling with paying the bills. I recently refinanced my mortgage and now pay $2000/month including taxes and ins...


weBecoming A SAHM

C.B. asks from Los Angeles

We both work but I really want to be a SAHM. All my salary cover the daycare expenses, retirement fund, savings, and our medical insurance and expenses. So if I were ...



K.M. asks from Chicago

I could have been scammed - Okay, well maybe I am just too smart for this one, but it could have happened! Someone came to my neighborhood claiming to be with my Ele...


Financial Poll: Could You Come up with $2000 Cash in 48-72 Hours?

J.W. asks from Kansas City

Hubby and I were talking about an article he read recently. If faced with a serious financial emergency, could you come up with $2000 CASH in, let's say, 48-72 hours...


Cold House

J.B. asks from Kansas City

I live in an old drafty house and now that the weather is getting cold I don't know what to do. My 6 month old son's room seems to be the coldest room in the house. ...