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Understanding His Adoption

L.C. asks from New York

My son turned 5 in May. I have a book that tells the story of his adoption, that we read 1-2 a month. One of his friends mother is pregnant with twins - he tells me a...


Advertising for Adoption

K.F. asks from Pensacola

We are looking to adopt, we have a lawyer/agency and will be signing up with a second one soon. I am looking for other oultets to get the word out that we are ready, ...


Considering Adoption...

P.M. asks from San Antonio

My husband and I are considering adoption. We have a 5 y.o. son we adore and are thinking we'd like to bring another child, a boy, into our family. I am adopted so ...


Adoption Paranoia (Or Is It?)

B.K. asks from Albuquerque

So I've decided that I want to adopt my step kids since their birth mother hasn't had any contact in nearly a year. My husband is all for it, and has decided that if ...



S.H. asks from Dallas

I was wondering if anyone has been through my situation and what did they do. I have a 16 year old daughter who is being raised by a man that is her "daddy" but not b...



T.L. asks from Dallas

Has anyone adopted a baby in Texas? Just getting general information?



T.G. asks from Lima

Are there any other moms that are mothers to adopted children? My daughter is adopted and I am hoping to connect and network with some other adoptive mothers.



R.A. asks from Buffalo

I am a mother of 2 gilrs and adopted a question is my 3rd is my grand daughter..and now she is 8 yrs old the my oldest who is the birth mother is married and ...


Anyone Familiar with Adoption?

L.S. asks from Los Angeles

My husband and I are considering adoption. His biggest fear is being able to bond with the child the way he has bonded with our biological son. Anyone have some stori...


Re: Adoption Options & Infertility

A.B. asks from Cleveland

Myself and my darling hubby have been struggling with infertility for quite some time. We have been through 3 In-Vitro's, plus 1 In-Vitro w/ an egg donor. All 4 wer...