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Potty Target for Boys to Pee On?

My 6 year old son always seems to end up making a bit of a mess when he pees. He goes standing up. (My 3 year old still sits down and that works fine). I tell him to aim and wipe up any on the potty (or the floor) but of course, that only works so well. It seems like I once heard about some sort of product you can put in the toilet to be a "target" for them to "shoot" at. I don't quite understand how it would not get in the way or go down when you flush. Is there such a thing? Any other ideas for improving their aim? I'm hoping I...


Where Is My Pee?

So I had stomach flu Tuesday-Wednesday. Starting Wednesday night I was re...


Pee-pee on Clothes

I'm having trouble getting the pee-pee accidents out of the clothes and bed...


Protein in the Urine

I seem to be having a rough time with this pregnancy, even though I feel...

Strong Smell

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Getting Pee Smell Out of Pjs

Hi Everyone, Some nights my son's pull-up isn't sufficient to contain the pee. His sheets clean up just fine with no lingering pee smell, but I can't get the smell out of his PJs. I've tried Tide and soaking in vinegar water first, but neither worked. Any suggestions?