Urine: Preschooler

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4 Year Old Wants to Pee All the Time

Hi Moms, My 4 year old daughter started to behave weird in the last week. She tries to go pee very often. Sometimes she may go as often as 4 times in an hour, some other time she would forget about it and behave normal for about half a day, but then she would go back to the potty thing. She says that it does not hurt when she pees, she just wants to pee. I took her to a doctor, and the doctor did not find any infections. She said that "sometimes kids just do that". But I am still worried. Did any of you have similar experiences with your...


My 3 Year Old

I'm having a couple problems with my 3 year old, the most important problem...


Where Is My Pee?

So I had stomach flu Tuesday-Wednesday. Starting Wednesday night I was re...

Strong Smell

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Help with 4 Year Old

I need some advice. My 4 year old has been potty trained for awhile now and now all she does is pee herself. I feel like ive tried everything i know But she starts school next year and i dont want this to continue but i feel lost. Can anyone help me!