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Pregnant AGAIN

C.B. asks from Washington DC

i just took a pregnancy test ept digital test and i am not on any medication, and i feel very much pregnant which is why i took the test. i was wondering if anybody re...


Is It Time to Face the Music About Being Pregnant?

V.S. asks from Montgomery

Hi, I posted a few days ago about my late period and negative pregnancy test. I am now going on 14 days late. I went to the doctor about 3 days ago when my period was ...


8 Days Late on Period but Pregnancy Tests Say Negative!

J.A. asks from Amarillo

My husband and I have decided to try for our 3rd and last child. I had my IUD removed in November and calculated my ovulation time according to the doctors advice and ...


Need Advice Fast

N.L. asks from Oklahoma City

Well I havent had a period since May but in may my period only lasted three days and my normal ones are 5 to 7 day. But I have taken 3 pregnancy test and they were neg...


Am I?

H.K. asks from Milwaukee

So I am 10 days late and I have taken 3 at home pregnancy test and they have all turned out negative. the first one i took was in the morning after being 4 days late a...


Has Anyone...

R.S. asks from Los Angeles

ever taken an EARLY pregnancy test on the day of your expected period that was negative but you ended up being pregnant after all?? I took a first response test this ...


Question About Marina IUD

J.T. asks from Seattle

Ok so on September 4, 2008 I had my son. It was a c-section and at that same time I had a Marina IUD put in place. So as of now I have had it in for over 2 years. At f...


Period 4 Days Late, Negative Pregnancy Tests

L.F. asks from Chicago

My husband and I are trying for our second child and I am currently 4 days late (I am almost never late on a 28 day cycle). I took a pregnancy test when I was one day...


Which is the most accurate pregnancy test while nursing?

C.S. asks from Phoenix

Hi I am several days late on my period (I am on my 37th day) and feel a tad nauseous all though I am not receiving a positive on a home pregnancy test. I haven't had ...



K.B. asks from Columbus

Hello everyone, I have an interesting question. I have been feeling like I am pregnant for about a week now, my stomach has not been right and I have a few other sympt...