Urine Test

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Am I Pregnant?

S.W. asks from Phoenix

I am almost a week late, took a pregnancy test and it came back negative. The thing is, this happened to me with my last pregnancy. When I took the OTC preg. test i...


Help Me Plis!!! Answer I Am Really Scared and I Am 13 Years Old

M.R. asks from San Juan

i have taken the pregnancy test 2 times and it says negative but i keep getting the side effects of pregnancy is their a possibility that i am pregnant even if it sai...



C.S. asks from New York

My husband and I are TTC our 3rd child. I had a Paraguard IUD (no hormones) that I had removed before I ovulated this past month. Over the last 5 years, I have be...


Could I Be Pregnant?

S.M. asks from Houston

I took a pregnancy test today. It was equate brand. There are two options that could happen. One vertical line in each box meaning positive. Or nothing in the first b...


Feel Pregrnant but the Test Shows Negative

J.V. asks from Seattle

I feel positive that I'm pregnant but I took 2 in home pregnancy tests and they both came out negative. With my first pregnancy, I didn't take a pregnancy test unt...


I Had My Son Eight Months Ago and I Haven't Started Menstuating Again

L.B. asks from San Diego

I delivered my son eight months ago and still have not gotten my period. I took a pregnancy test and it was positive, so I went to my doctor and took another urine t...


Help Me ? :)

C.T. asks from Greenville

two day , i had a drop off light pink blood when i wiped.. Then i have seen nothing wlse since then. I suppose to start 1-21-10 .. Could that have been implantation ...


IVF Mom's

C.A. asks from Dallas

Okay IVF moms out there...I have a question for you. Did you take a pregnancy test BEFORE going in for the blood test at the doctor's office? I had 2 blastocysts (o...



J.M. asks from Dallas

How soon can i findout if i'm pregnant? Here's the whole story. I have a 5 month old baby and i'm breastfeeding him so i havent gotten my perod yet. (since his birth...