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How to remove crayon stain on the couch?

T.H. asks from Corvallis

My daughter recently colored on my moms couch white couch with blue and green crayons and I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to get it off? I have no idea...


How to Clean Microsuede Couch

L.B. asks from Chicago

Hello everyone, I just purchased a tan microsuade couch 2mnts ago and my wonderful children have managed to spill juice and milk on it. I was wondering if anyone ...


Ink Pen on Leather Sofa!!!

A.G. asks from Los Angeles

Please help me if you know ANYTHING that can clean black pen marks on cream color leather sofa!!! I tried some chemical called " Goof Off" but it just smudged the ink...


Marker on Couch

L.M. asks from Jacksonville

HELP!!!! My 2yr old drew all over my brandnew light tan leather couch!!! Not sure what kind of marker she used>Thought all the ones we had were washable>>But so far ...


Cat and 2Yr Old Resistant Couch

M.B. asks from Sacramento

Our current couch is scratched to shreds and ready to be retired. I am wondering what type of couch material stands up best to cats and two year olds. We do not wan...


Milk Stain in Car

K.L. asks from Chicago

Hello. Unbeknownst to me yesterday morning, my toddler dropped his sippy cup on the back seat of the car and some spilled out, leaving a large stain. I discovered...


Pen on Chair

J.E. asks from Dallas

My son got a hold of a black ink pen today and got it all over my microfiber chair. Any one have any suggestions on what will get it out w/out ruining the chair? Wh...


White Couch Disaster - Good Stain Remover Needed!

E.B. asks from Cincinnati

well thats basically it. my white couch is a disaster and i need a good stain remover, between pop and baby spit up its no longer a beautiful white hue but now plainl...


Seeking a Stain Remover

E.L. asks from Omaha

My 6 month old daughter is a mess! She spits up everything! We are trying new foods which means we have a rainbow of colors on our clothes everyday (I say we because ...


How Do I Get Permanent Marker Out of My Microfiber Couch???

A.P. asks from Flagstaff

My son found a red permanent marker and is learning to color.....all over the armrest of our microfiber couch. I was wondering if anyone has any tips for removing thi...