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Spots on a couch.....they Are Not New Ones

L.H. asks from Dallas

I have these very ugly spots on my couch...from my son falling asleep and peeing. I don't know how to get rid of them. The couch is not the best quality but I need ...


Water Spots off Couch

S.D. asks from San Diego

I have a microfiber couch that has water spots. Trying to clean them I made them worse. Any suggestions for getting the whole couch clean? Company that can clean t...


Pen Marks on Microsuede Couch

J.S. asks from Dallas

We just bought a beautiful red microsuede couch a few months ago. The one time that I forget to pick up my son's write-n-erase book is the time that he makes a mark ...


Kid "Pee'd" on My Couch!

A.M. asks from Columbus

Help! My son pee'd through his diaper and onto our couch. It stinks!!! Is there anything good I can use to get the smell out?? I've tried several things already bu...


How to Clean Cat Pee Out of Couch

C.B. asks from Odessa

My cat got locked in the house when we were out of town and she peed on the couch cushion. It was already dry so it smelled really strong by the time we got home. I t...


How to Get the Throw up Smell Out of a Car Seat

S.C. asks from Dallas

My daughter threw up in her car seat last week. I have tried everything that I know of to get the throw up smell out of the car seat cover & have not been successful...


How Do You Get Sunblock Out of a Microfiber Couch???

D.B. asks from Richland

Well I accidently left an open bottle of sunblock on a towel on our couch after lathering up the baby, went to change her and came back and my 3 1/2 year old had sque...


Breast Milk Burp Up...

K.M. asks from Laredo

With my DS I had a leather couch so when he would burp up I could just wipe it up with warm soap and water. Now with my DD I have a microfiber couch, which they tell...


High Chair That Is Made of Wood

S.T. asks from Albany

I saw comments how to clean high chair from Fisher's Price but the one I have was given to me and God bless that person and I was wondering how to get some hard stuff...


Cleaning Couch Cushions

S.V. asks from Albuquerque

Hi All! I have a very old cat - over 20 - who is in relatively good shape for her age. However, she had an accident on our couch the other day. We have tried every...