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Going to the Beach

A.B. asks from Spartanburg

Hey ladies! My husband and I are going to the beach in a few weeks and we are taking my 9 month old daughter. I have never taken a baby to the beach before as this...


Baby Suncreen

C.H. asks from Portland

I have a precious baby boy that is almost 2 1/2 months that I would like to protect from the sun! I am lucky that he loves his stroller and going for walks, we usual...


Seeking Advice on Sunscreen for My Child Who Is 3 Months Old

M.M. asks from Cleveland

Hi my daughter is 12 weeks old and very fair. I had her out over the weekend in the stroller so she was very covered but the sun still peaked thru and she got some su...


Infant with Exzema

A.F. asks from Norfolk

My brothers son has really bad exzema. He is seven month old. She is still nursing him and is watching what she is eating but so far nothing has helped. I was hoping ...


What Do You Really NEED for a New Born?

E.B. asks from Santa Barbara

We're trying to plan and be as prepared as necessary for our first born who is scheduled to arrive in Sept. We do not want to have lots of unnecessary "stuff". We a...



M.M. asks from Norfolk

What are some must haves for first babies? We are about to register and we need to know life savers and best buys:)


Sunscreen on Baby

L.S. asks from Sarasota

At what age can you start putting sunscreen on your child? I heard that I may have to wait 6 months or something? This is important, living in Florida :)


Sunblock on Newborns??

R.A. asks from Chicago

I just talked with dr. office and they say I cannot use sunblock on my 2month old until she is 6 months old...They suggested dressing her in long sleeve onsies..hello...


Infant Sunscreen and Eczema

T.C. asks from Dover

Do any of you moms have suggestions on good sunscreen for sensitive skin? My 9month old has eczema and many cremes and lotions cause breakouts. I use Cetaphil cleanse...


Sunscreen and Babies

C.P. asks from Syracuse

I have a 3.5 month old and am looking forward to a summer at the pool, however, I've been told that I cannot use sunscreen on her until she is at least 6 months old. ...