Types: Albuterol

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Goats Milk, Carrot Juice and Water. Are These Bowel Movement Normal?

I flew w/ my 2 1/2 month old son to Tx, when we got home he developed a cough. He is 5 months now and still has this cough. The pediatrician has put him on Albuterol nebulizer and Singulair. The next step is Pulmicort nebulizer. I DO NOT want to go to this route with steroids! So I called a Naturalpathic Dr. She told me to take him off formula completely and give him 1/2 goat's milk and 1/2 carrot juice. So I started him 2 days ago with 1/3 water, 1/3 carrot juice (organic from the store) and 1/3 goat's milk (ultra pasturized. I cant find...


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22 Month on Albuterol for More than 2 Weeks

My son was hospitalized over 2 weeks ago for his breathing issues. When he got out we went about a week and a half with albuterol treatment about twice a day. When I was certain his breathing was back to normal I stopped the treatment. The very next day he is sick again and I noticed really fast breathing timed his breathing and he was over 40 breaths per minute, did a breathing treatment and called the pediatrician in the morning. He added a month steroid given through the nebulous or and children's Allegra and said continue with the...