Twins or Triplets

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Potty Training Boy/girl Twins

K.F. asks from Toledo

I'm ready for some advice...NOW. I know all about power struggles, and fear of pooping, been through that w/ my first. This potty training my twin son and daughte...



C.W. asks from Los Angeles

Since these are my first babies, i wanted to know if any of you other moms with multiples out there could tell me the things you LOVE about raising twins and the thin...


Mom of B/b twins.....potty Training Help

S.W. asks from Phoenix

Hi. I have fraternal twin boys that will be 2 next month. We have started potty training and wow...what work! Not sure if we should use potty chair or potty seat? ...


Potty Training Twins

J.H. asks from Oklahoma City

I have 2 1/2 yr old twins and we are tring to potty traing but are haveing problems. One will start while the other wont then it switches. Both are showing readyness ...



M.P. asks from San Diego

I just found out I am carrying twins. Neither my husband or myself have them in our family, so this is a huge shocker. If any one has any great advice for the pregnan...


Mother of Twins

M.E. asks from New York

Hi, I am a SAHM with 15 month old twin girls. My husband and I are talking about having a third child and I was wondering if there was anyone who has had another chi...


Twins & a Toddler

D.P. asks from New York

I am 21 weeks pregnant with twins (will not find out sex), and I have a 14 month old daughter. I am struggling to figure out how I will manage with newborn twins and...


Potty Training Twins

L.D. asks from Dallas

I have almost 3 yr old twin girls (DOB 6/16) who have been going pee-pee on the potty very well for almost a year, but will NOT go poo poo on the potty. One of them ...


Potty Training Twins

E.S. asks from York

I have been ready to potty train my twin sons for a while now. Both my parents and husband kept putting it off, saying they weren't ready and coming up with differen...


Potty Training Twins

J.S. asks from Amarillo

i have 22 month old twin boys and i want to start potty training. i would love some suggestions from other moms with twin boys.