Tween: Zyrtec

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C.M. asks from Visalia

My 11 year has had hives for a week. I think it is the Benedrly! I usally give the dye free kind but my husband bought the pink pills. What should I do? I stopped gi...


Help for Allergy Child

R.P. asks from Philadelphia

My ten year old son had allergies for the first time last spring. His main symptoms were sneezing, and itchy eyes and throat. We tried Claritin D for children, which ...


I Know This Is a Question for a Doctor But....

K.M. asks from Boston

Has anyone ever become allergic to a pet out of nowhere? My dog is 4 years old and lately whenever I am near him i start to sneeze, and get really stuffed up. I sti...


Nasal Spray for Kids

J.D. asks from Cincinnati

Is there any nasal spray over the counter that can be used on a daily basis for kids. I think my son has allergies but 2 allergists don't think he does and won't see...


Ducts: Clean or Replace?

A.M. asks from Dallas

Anyone out there ever had all their ductwork replaced? We recently had ducts "cleaned" (dusted) and they recommended having them thoroughly cleaned to get all the gun...


Any of Your Children on Singulair?

J.H. asks from Philadelphia

My son's pediatrician just put him on this drug for his "seasonal asthma." Are any of your children on this prescription? Any side effects? Any advice would be apprec...


When Should I Take My Daughter to See an Allergist?

D.F. asks from Cleveland

I think my daughter has seasonal allergies, but I'm not sure. In the winter, her nose gets itchy, but it may be due to it being so dry. I usually give her a nasal spr...


Seasonal Allergy/Sinus Relief

L.S. asks from San Diego

This is the second year that my six year old son has gotten a seasonal allergy. This time the congestion/coughing due to drainage seemed worse. I took him to the doct...


Singulair for Treating Ear Infections???

L.F. asks from Los Angeles

My pediatrician just prescribed singulair for 30 days to treat my daughter's ear infection. She is 3yrs old and her first ear infection was in January. She has been...


Stuffy Three Year Old

S.B. asks from Denver

My son is nearly three. He has woken up nearly every morning with a stuffy nose for about a year...or maybe his whole life, actually. My daughter does not have this...