Tween: Summer Infant

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M.O. asks from New York

Hi! I'm having my 1st baby in February and before I even start on a baby registry I wanted to ask experienced moms out there, as far as health and safety for newborn...



J.G. asks from Columbus

Can anyone recommend a good brand of thermometer for use with babies/toddlers? I really would like one that takes an ear reading, and would like some advice before I...


Son Getting Out of Bed

D.I. asks from Jacksonville

My son has started to get out of bed at night after we put him down. We transition him to a new toddler bed about 1 month ago. He opens the door and comes out and we...


Moving to Crib....

C.D. asks from Los Angeles

Okay Mom's out there...need some help. I have a 4 month old little girl that sleeps like a dream! She is down by 8 and wakes up at 5 to nurse and then goes back to s...


How Do You Shower, Take the Garbage Out, Etc with a Toddler??

L.K. asks from Fargo

Hi, looking especially to the single moms for help here... My toddler is on the verge of being able to escape from her playpen and crib. Once she does that I have ...