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Vomitting and Diaharea

G.F. asks from Miami

Hello mothers, Yesterday I had to take my almost 2yr old out of school due to vomitting. The teachers explained that they believe is a virus and that other kids ha...


20-Month Old Sick & Won't Drink Much

L.C. asks from Sacramento

My 20-month old twins started their flu on Saturday night. As of last night, my son was still vomiting. I have been giving him Pedialyte...which he refuses to drink...


10 Month Old with BAD Diarrhea PLEASE HELP!!

C.K. asks from Fort Myers

Okay last week I posted that my daughter has a bad diaper rash. That has cleared up for the most part (it is now at least under control) but a day after I went to the...


Anyone Know If Anything Is Going Around?

V.L. asks from Houston

My 4 month old baby girl has been vomiting and has terrible diarrhea. She has no fever at all. We have been under terrible stress from being uprooted due to hurrica...


Son Refusing Bottle--help!!!!

J.D. asks from Indianapolis

My 8 mo old son is getting over a double ear infection and a bad cold. He was on Omnicef (which is a very strong antibiotic) for 2 days last week, which made him wor...


Dizzy Spells and Lightheadedness

M.B. asks from Montgomery

My 11 year old son has been conplaining about being lightheaded and dizzy for about 2 days since it was the weekend and holidays i could not get an Dr's Apt right now...


Sick Son

S.G. asks from Davenport

Hi i have a 11 year old son and he was fine yesterday and then last night he started actling like he didnt feel good laying around and he was cold and then today he ...


Step Daughter Won't Eat

T.W. asks from Greensboro

My step daughter just turned 10 last week and we are fighting with her to eat. She went to her psychatrist yesterday and when he took her weight, she was 45 lbs. She ...


How to Treat This??!!

M.T. asks from Phoenix

My son has been having very big stomach aches.He was lying on the floor crying and screaming.I gave him 6 pepdol bismol (how every you spell it)tablets for diaherra.I...



M.R. asks from Indianapolis

My daughter has been sick for 12 days now. I took her to the doctor yesterday and they said that they think she has RSV. The test came back negative but the doctor sa...