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Riding Subway with Stroller

N.S. asks from Philadelphia

Hi there , I was planning on going to NYC with my toddler. Besides walking, I think my best option to get around town is using the subway. I have seen postings ...


Umbrella Stroller Advice

R.D. asks from San Diego

Hello Mamas! I am looking to get an umbrella stroller for my 7.5 month old son. His regular stroller is just too heavy to be carrying up and down the stairs now tha...


Suggestions for Umbrella Strollers for Older Children

S.H. asks from Chicago

Hi everyone, We are taking our first trip to Disneyworld in June and my 2 daughters will be 5 and 8 years old at the time. I am wondering if anyone has any suggesti...


Looking for the "Perfect" Stroller

S. asks from Houston

Hi ladies, I am in need of a new stroller but can't find anything that works for our family. I need a stroller that folds flat enough to fit behind the 3rd row of a...


Looking for Some Advice on a New Double Stroller

S.F. asks from San Francisco

Hi. I have twins that just turned 2 and for the 3rd time already I am in need of a double stroller. At first we had a Graco Duo Glider which maneuvered well and was...


Trying to Do Long Walk with 5 Year Old

J.M. asks from Sacramento

We have just started to exercise and have been walking a trail that is 1.4 miles and mostly uphill, my son can do it but he gets tired and complains and he is too big...


Should I Buy a Double Stroller? Which One?

S.C. asks from Phoenix

Hi. Our boys will be 22 months apart when our son is born and I am in a conundrum as to wether to purchase a double stroller...How do you moms handle a day at the mal...


Information on Double Strollers

A.P. asks from Fresno

I currently have an almost 3 1/2 year old and am pregnant with my second baby. My son will turn 4 about a month after the baby is born. He weighs about 30 punds now. ...


Twin Mommas - Advice Please!!

J.F. asks from Buffalo

My husand and i are currently looking into the various major gear we'll need when our twins are born in March. So far with the help of family, friends and garage sale...


Age to Stop "Strollering"?

L.C. asks from Denver

How old should kids stop riding in strollers to go to the park or walk the mall? My step-daughter is 5 and I'm really interested in putting her giant stroller that's ...