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First Birthday Party Activities

J.J. asks from Philadelphia

I am having my son's first birthday party on March 8th. Of course, there will be mostly adults, but we have at least 11 kids attending also. They range in age from 10...


WANTED: Singing Puppets That Entertain!

E.B. asks from Cincinnati

Alrighty so my son has just began to enter the tv stage. Right now he'll watch tv as long as..... they're puppet (barney, babybop etc.) that sing.. lots of singing is...


Flashlight Friends???

J.S. asks from Phoenix

Anyone have experience with them? Does your child have one? What age would you say is too old for one? I thought a couple of my kids might like one but wasn't sure...


Kids Hair Cut

T.S. asks from Kansas City

Is Shear Madness the only place for kids to get haircuts... where do you all take your children. The last hair cut my son got at Shear Madness... it was awful... I c...


Death of a Parent - Children's Friend

C.W. asks from Minneapolis

I just learned that a neighbor passed away suddenly yesterday. His son, who is 10, plays with my kids (who are 11 and 8). The kids have only started playing together ...


Funny Kid

C.M. asks from San Francisco

Just now I was on a work call and my 3 year old son ran in and yelled "Mom I got to go poo"! Luckily the lady I was on the phone with laughed and so did I! Anything f...


What Do Your Kiddos Want to Be?

E.B. asks from Seattle

This is stemmed off of the Career question we had yesterday...because S H had mentioned she wanted to be a NINJA growing up.....I too have a ninja want to be here:) ...


When Will I Know It Is Time to Try for a Baby?

A.D. asks from Los Angeles

I am getting married soon, on Oct 8 to be exacted. My fiancee and I have and 11 year difference. I am 21 and he is 32. Neither one of us have any kids, but I know tha...



G.H. asks from Nashville

I am a mother of 2 girls who are 1yr and 9 days apart. I know its still a little bit away, but I have been thinking about what to do for their birthday parties. My ...


How Does Three or Four Year Separation Between Children Work?

R.S. asks from New York

How does having a 3 or 4 year separation between children work? Can the children still be good friends when growing up? What can a parent to do encourage a close rela...