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My Daughter Is Almost 16 Months and Does Not Talk

C.W. asks from Tampa

Anyone else have this issue. My 10 year old was a chatter box at this age. My little one is almost 16 months. She has yet to say mama, dada, hi, bye... nothing. I kno...


Preschool Age Music

B.B. asks from Chicago

I am in home daycare. We use itumes for all our music needs and download our music. Who is big in kids music now? I have been out of touch for a couple years, sinc...


Potty Training Advise

T.P. asks from Tampa

Hi moms, I need some help with my 32 month old son. He knows what the potty is for and has used it on occassion but in general he denies he needs to use it and pee...


Does Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Annoy Anyone Else?

E.S. asks from New York

Hi everyone! Kind of a JFF question but lately I have been super annoyed by the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show. Maybe because when the show is not on everything is Mi...


Looking for Children's Books Involving Food and Eating

H.M. asks from Miami

My toddler is a picky eater and doesn't like to eat much. He recently saw a pig eating in a book and I was able to get him to ea some tbreakfast by comparing it to ...


PG Movies

J.A. asks from San Francisco

Hey all! My 13 year old is constantly asking me to see this PG rated movie out now and I am saying NO! I do not want my child, my precious innocent child exposed to s...


Help My 19Th Mo Old Talk

M.G. asks from Las Vegas

My adorable 19 mo old son is not talking much. He says "mama" a lot, "baba" for his sippy cup, "kity" occationally, and is starting to say "elmo". He also signs eat...


Potty Training Question and Books

T.S. asks from Chicago

Our 2 year old (26 months) is showing a very big interest in "potty". He tells us when he's going "poo-poo" or "pee-pee", he loves to follow me or his Dad to the bat...


How Old for Horror Movies?

R.N. asks from Norfolk

Had a though today. I always let my 10 and 11 year olds watch R movies as long as they are horror movies that they are watch with there father and I. I have for about...


Pls Help Potty Training 3.5 Yr Old

C.N. asks from New York

Hi all! I have a 3.5 year old boy who we started potty training 2 weeks ago. He is doing GREAT with going pee and hardly having any accidents. Pooping is another st...