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What a Good Age to Let a Daughter Go Out with Friends in the Eve W/o Parents?

L.A. asks from Miami

I have a tween that's a great student. She an Honor Roll student, every once in a while she'll get a B. All her friends go out Friday nights to the movies or roller...


JFF - Have All Your Daughters Watched the Disney Princess Movies?

M.R. asks from Seattle

I ask because it came to my attention this week, that my 10 year daughter has never watched any of the Disney Princess Movies. I thought, how could this be? Simple...


Do You See a Difference in How People React to Your Child Based on Dress?

I.X. asks from Los Angeles

Today I allowed my daughter to dress herself horribly. She is 4 and I often let her go out with ridiculous clothing combinations, but often it has a certain Punky Br...


Seeking Advice & Recipies for Allergice Son

L.T. asks from San Francisco

Hi we just saw our Dr. yesterday. In reviewing my 14 year old son's blood work it was mentied that he scored high in being allergic to wheat and milk. I am confused ...


Sneaking "M" Rated Video into My House!

K.O. asks from Minneapolis

yesterday.... a neighbor called and wondered if i was going to be home for awhile. she wanted to leave her 11 year old home alone while she ran her 13 year old to his...


How Do I Get My 9 Year Old to Take Care of Her Hair?

J.G. asks from Washington DC

I have just dealt with crying hysterics from my 9 (almost 10) year old because she has 2 giant knots in her hair. Her hair is thick and wavy, below her shoulders. S...


Close Spacing Between Siblings

M.S. asks from Indianapolis

Okay, my husband has been on here many times asking about large age gaps. We just had a baby and have 7 and 10 year old boys. He is extremely concerned about this c...


Seeking a Way to Help My Daughter Lose Weight.

R.T. asks from Dallas

I'm the mom of a beautiful, but overweight 10 (soon to be 11) year old. I could really use some input on how to help my daughter lose weight. I send her lunch to scho...


Having a Party with 12+ Kids Help

R.P. asks from Salt Lake City

My children requested a Halloween party last year. I have told them they could have one this year but I have no ideas. There will be one 3 year old, 1 four year old...


Reasonably Priced Summer Day Camp, Orthodontist, Jobs

J. asks from Detroit

Would like to put 11 year old daughter in day camp that offers variety of activities. Also, reference for orthodontist because daughter needs braces. Lastly, seeing...