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Advice from Any Mother with Information on ADHD

B.B. asks from San Antonio

I would like to hear from other Moms concerning AD/HD. I have a 11 year old granddaughter who has been on some type of medication since she was about 6 years old. She...


Toddler Bed Vs. Twin Bed

A.P. asks from Dallas

My little guy is out growing his crib and is excited about the big boy bed. My question to moms is: toddler bed vs. regular bed? How quickly do they outgrow the to...


6 Year Want to Dye Hair

K.G. asks from Chicago

My 6 year old daughter just go a cute inverted bob and today she asked me if she could have a strip of pink put in! She has a very unique style and it would look cut...


Teen Age Daughter

A.A. asks from Pueblo

Hi moms I need help. I have a 13 year old daughter who talks back and when I ask her to please help with something around the house she rolls her eyes and says no. ...


My 11 Heard Me Having Sex How Do I Respond?

M.W. asks from Philadelphia

Last night my 11 year old knocked on my bedroom door crying. She had heard me and my live in boyfriend having sex but she interpreted the noises as screams and cr...


New to Mildenhall RAF & Need HELP!

D.M. asks from Stationed Overseas

I just came to Mildenhall about a week ago and was wondering is there anything for my kids (12, 9,8,and 7yrs old) to do around here? Tried the Bob Hope Center when I ...


Books for My Second Grader

K.H. asks from Minneapolis

My second grade boy goes through books like toilet paper:) He is reading at almost a 5th grade level and I am having trouble finding new book series to keep him inter...


Funny Things Kids Say....

C.O. asks from Washington DC

Monday's are half-days are our elementary school so the kids are home by 1:15PM. We had brought down all the Halloween rubbermaid containers over the weekend - mak...


Going to Pull My Hair Out

D.C. asks from Pittsburgh

Please I hope someone can help me before I go bald from pullingm y hair out. My son who just turned 4 the first of NOV. still does number 2 in his pants. I have trie...


Power Struggle over Doing Hair

S.R. asks from Washington DC

My nearly 12 year old daughter does not seem to care about the appearance of her hair. I try and spend a few minutes in the morning helping her "do" her hair before ...