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Face Care for Developing 12 Year Old Girl

A.H. asks from Washington DC

My daughter is 12 years old and has started developing. So far her face is clear, but I would like to know what she can use to wash and care for her face now, before...


My Son Has Diaper Rash

L.J. asks from Fresno

My son gets diaper rash quite often and i have tried everything out there, from creams to powders and he still gets them bad. Is there anything else that will help???


Pediatric Dentist? Excema?(random Q)

C.P. asks from Dallas

I am looking for a pediatric dentist for my 3 year old in the Plano, Richardson area...any suggestions? Also, my 2 year old is having a horrible time right now w/ ...


Chapped Skin on Face of Toddler

G.W. asks from Dallas

I would like to see if anyone has a good recommendation for something I can put on my 16 month old's little face. Just under his bottom lip he has a pretty red dry ch...


Eczema Help....

L.F. asks from Chicago

My 2 1/2 month old boy is suffering from eczema. It is currently the worse on his face and head. Does anyone have any little tricks or product advise that they can s...


Seeking Moms Opinions on Latest "Study Warns of Chemicals in Baby Items"

L.R. asks from Detroit

Have any other moms read the articles on MSN and Yahoo today? Do any of you know if Burts Bees product...


Daughter's Hair Is So Hard - and Breaks Easily

A.H. asks from New York

My daughter is adopted from Korea and always had beautiful black silky hair. About 1 1/2 years ago.. her hair got very course... it breaks easily and doesn't have th...


Baby Has Bad Diaper Rash and Soft Poopies...

L.F. asks from Charlotte

My DD has had really soft poops for a couple of weeks. This is giving her bad diaper rash. I started watching another little girl a few days ago and noticed her har...


Anyone Have a Little-one with Eczema?

C.B. asks from San Diego

I would love to know if anyone has found anything that works well in treating eczema. My 2 year old has been dealing with pretty severe eczema since he was about 6 mo...


Toddler with Red, Dry Patches

K.M. asks from Minneapolis

I noticed a small dry patch of skin on my 18 month old daughter about a 6 weeks ago. In the last two weeks, I have noticed many more of these dry patches. They are ...