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Too Much TV

T.R. asks from Pittsburgh

my two month old loves the TV, is there anything I can do to stop her. I heard that it is bad for them.


Tv in Bedroom

S.B. asks from Wichita

My mother is currently driving me crazy. We bought a new tv for our living room, and she's pressuring us to put the old one in our daughter's room. She'll be 4 in Jan...


How Much TV Is Too Much TV?

J.G. asks from Tampa

My 21 month has become obsessed with Elmo... not television, because if I try to turn something else on, he will consistently ask for Elmo. Is this a phase? We go to ...


A TV Question...

S.M. asks from Kansas City

Do you ever think about the fact that every single day more and more people swear that television is bad for kids, needs to be limited, shouldn't be started before ag...


TV Time

J.P. asks from Boise

My son is 22 months, and I have another on the way, due in 2 months. My son has never had TV time. When he is awake, the TV is off. I plan to do the same for the n...


Tv and Kids....

L.S. asks from Seattle

ok - finally won the argumnt with my hubby to downsize our $200 per month Comcast bill. But, due to finances the only soluion I can find is to dump the service almos...


Is TV the Devil?

C.R. asks from Detroit

Does anyone else feel like the scum of the earth for letting their little ones watch tv? My boys are 16-mos-old and they are only allowed to watch Noggin and I try t...


Baby Einstein Dvd's

L.M. asks from Dallas

I received several Baby Einstein DVD's as shower gifts. A friend recently told me that she read an article that Baby Einstein DVD's are not recommended. She couldn'...


Do You Transfer Your Home Vid to DVD? How?

L.L. asks from Rochester

Just got a HandyCam for Christmas and I want to know how everyone transfers to media. I do not have a DVD burner on my computer and am not really interested in buyin...


Looking for Affordable Video to DVD Transfer

B.H. asks from Dallas

I am searching for a good price on VHS to DVD video transfer. I checked with Wolf photo and they charge $30 to $40 to transfer 2 hours of video. I have about 35 hours...