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Dora the Explorer Cake

J.D. asks from Philadelphia

I am looking to order a Dora the Explorer cake for my daughter's 2nd birthday- any advice on where to go? I live in Phoenixville, and the party is in Limerick at Romp...


Dora-Explorer Girls?

M.L. asks from Tampa

Okay, when I first heard about this, I was horrified. I did not want Dora to grow up! Of course, now my 5 year old daughter sees the commercial and is desperate to ...


Using Portable DVD Player on Airplane Ride

T.S. asks from Dallas

My husband, kiddos and I will be taking a trip to visit family in a month or so. My son is 3 1/2 and daughter is 2 1/2. We've been thinking about bringing our porta...


Childrens' TV Shows

J.G. asks from Philadelphia

Can anyone recommend a good tv show or video that teaches about sharing, manners, or anything like that? My daughter is 2 years old and these are things we are worki...


Looking for a Fun and Engaging DVD for My Toddler

E.B. asks from Washington DC

Hello! My daughter doesn't watch TV or movies (except maybe Matt Lauer on the Today show, ha) however I'm looking to introduce her to some type of DVD as a Christmas...


Too Much TV?

M.G. asks from Chicago

What is the best amount of time for tv if a child is three? My son only watches Sprout, but tv is tv. He wants to watch all the time. It's a constant battle. We a...


Too Much TV!?

S.C. asks from Stockton

My sister watches my son in my home 5 days a week while me and my husband are at work. After breakfast, I watch an hour of cartoons with my son before I head out the ...


Do You Let Your Kids Watch TV During Breakfast?

P.M. asks from Fort Walton Beach

Funny, I have a strict no TV law at dinner but for some reason I let them watch TV at breakfast. Does that even make sense?


Too Much TV

A.C. asks from Greensboro

I have a 17 month old girl. I stay at home all day with her. Which i feel blessed to be able to do. The question is I have the TV on all day is that good or bad. I le...


Need Advice: Is It Too Young for a 10 Month Old to Watch TV?

T.B. asks from Pittsburgh

About a month ago I got out some baby Einstein DVD's and my son fell in love with them. He gets so excited to watch them. The best part is that I can turn that on and...