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Seeking Reading Tutor for My First Grader in Plainfield

A. asks from Chicago

I am hoping someone will be able to help me on this one. My soon-to-be first grader (6 years old) is having difficulties with his reading. I am thinking about getti...


- Do You Get a Reading Tutor or Just Have Them Read More over the Summer?

S.B. asks from Nashville

I have a 10 yr old boy who has some trouble with reading. It is not his favorite thing to do unless reading something he is most interested in. He completed 4th grade...


In Need of a Tutor

C.C. asks from Dallas

I have a 7 yr old that is in 1st grade. She has alot of trouble in reading. I have had her tested thru GISD and they have not found anything wrong with her. She is no...


Questions About Being a Tutor

K.W. asks from Minneapolis

I am SAHM of 3 looking to supplement our income and am interested in doing tutoring. The problem is I dont know how to start this!! Has anyone done this or know how...


Math Tutor

R. asks from Detroit

My son is an excellent reader, but I have 5 kids...so I could always use extra (low cost) help-any know of any tutors he needs help with math and money skills. He is ...


Trying to Decide If My Kinder Needs a Tutor

S.F. asks from Dallas

My son just turned 5 this summer and started Kindergarten in the public schools alongside many 6-year olds and kids now turning 6 in the fall. Many can read already, ...


Tutor Time/Lakewood

L.D. asks from Los Angeles

I was wondering if any moms out there have any information on this particular preschool, first hand or not. If it is a good school academic wise and who the Director ...


Reading Tutor

R.L. asks from Denver

Does anyone know of any resources for summer tutoring programs (besides Sylvan). My son is oging into 6th grade and struggles harder each year. I want to give him a...


Reading Tutor

L.C. asks from Chicago

Good Afternoon ladies am hoping you can help me out, My 11yr old daughter has had problems in the past with reading ( in 2nd with kinder reading level) but did cath u...


College Algebra Tutor Needed ASAP

K.D. asks from Dallas

Hi moms: I went back to school this year and did exceptionally well in my DMAT class however, I find myself REALLY struggling with College Algebra. I believe it's ...