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Weight Loss Ideas

M.S. asks from Salt Lake City

I have tried every kind of diet possible. (cleasing detox, weight watchers, curves, ect....) I just seem to get bored with workouts and can't seem to know exactley ho...


Diet & Weight-loss

L.M. asks from Modesto

I am a young mother of 3 who started out weighing 125, i cant even tell you my weight now. I guess I feel way to busy to go to the gym, but I really want to loos...


I Need Help with a Clingy 1 Year Old

H.M. asks from Dallas

Help! I don't know what to do with my 1 year old. I stay at home with my kids, but the past couple of months I haven't been able to get anything done. My 1 year ol...


Grouchy 1 Year Old

A.F. asks from Birmingham

I have a 15 month old son that doesn't sleep well most nights, which he normally been doing!! He nags me all night. When I get off work and pick him up from daycare w...


5 Month Old Has Odd Crying Habit

L.R. asks from Detroit

When ever my little 5 month old daughter cries and you try to calm her down by holding her or cradling her she insists you stand up. Once you get her to calm down and...


Backpack Child Carriers

A.B. asks from Boise

I'm researching backpack child carriers and wondered what brand everyone out there likes the best. I need one that is sturdy enough to carry a child weighing 25 to 40...


Wedding, Pregnant Sister?

A.D. asks from Los Angeles

Hello, I am new on here but I hear that this website is alot of help, with mutiple issues, from a friend. My problem is not mother-related. My problem is about my wed...


Does Anyone Have Experience with the Acid Reflux Where It Doesn't Come Up???

A.M. asks from Sacramento

I have a baby girl who just turned 2 months old yesterday. She has had some real tummy issues that my husband and I thought we had figured out. The main consistant pr...


Jogging with Babies in Winter?

A.H. asks from Salt Lake City

Everyday on my way to take my kids to school at 8 am I come across with a pretty lady jogging with her double stroller carrying two babies. at first I thought, good f...


Is He Spoiled or Is This Normal?

A.C. asks from Fort Smith

My son was born 1/19/07 (he is 9 weeks old now) and he is my first child. I got to spend the normal 6 weeks of maternity leave at home with him. I did NOT hold him ...