Trying to Gain: Older Child

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No Weight Gain

C.M. asks from Portland

It has been a while since I have been on mamasource but I need as much advice as I can get now!! My son, almost 17 months, is not gaining weight. At his 12 month ch...


Weight Gain

A.R. asks from Charlotte

My daughter is four years old and weighs about 20-25 pds. At birth she weighed 5pds 12ounces. I'm concerned that she has missed several of her growth spurts. My niece...


Trying to Gain Weight and It's Not Happening for Me!

K.R. asks from Grand Forks

I had my DS a year ago and became depressed in the fall and lost a lot of weight. I'm 5'7" and I now weigh 125 and I haven't weight that little since 8th grade. I kno...


Need Child to Gain Weight

D.H. asks from Canton

My daughter (age 3)just had her doctors appointment and she needs to gain a lot of weight. She is willing to eat almost all foods, but she won't eat enough of them. ...


HELP! My Child Won't Gain Weight!

H.N. asks from Tampa

Hi! I am the mother of four, the last of which is 18 months old. She weighed 5 lbs 12 oz at birth and is now 16 pounds at 18 months. I can't get her to eat! She r...


Approaching Weight Gain with Your Child

J.B. asks from Boston

Hi wise youngest son has gained a lot of weight over the past couple of years. He was very, very slim from birth to around age 7, well under 50th percentil...


Weight Gain

T.M. asks from Cheyenne

I am 24 and i have had 2 boys and i have also had my tubes tied i have a sit down job in a call center and im always tired i do a lot of walking around and playing wi...


Pedisure to Gain Weight

M.M. asks from Chicago

Does any of your kids drink Pedisure everyday? Has it helped them gain weight? My son is 3 years 2 months old. He eats very well and I mostly give him full fat foo...


My Son Needs to Gain Weight

A.A. asks from Denver

My son is 6 yrs old and is only 35 lbs. and thats scary because his 3' 5 in. and so he is fairly tall for his age or within the norm. His sister is 16.5 pounds and sh...


Underweight/slow Weight Gain Toddler

R.S. asks from Chicago

Hello, I took my 19 month old for a wellbeing checkup today and, as I figured, the doctor said I need to increase his calories and even suggested putting him on fo...