Trying to Gain: Nuby

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12 Mo Old "Underweight"

S.S. asks from Rochester

Hello everyone! We took our 12 mo old to her 1 year check up and said they were concerned about her weight. That her height was fine but her weight was in the 15th pe...


My 11 Month Old Daughter It in the 5Th Percentile for Weight I Need Help!

L.M. asks from Albany

My daughter is turning 11 months on the 5th of this month. She is 15.14 and 26 inches she is petite but healthy. I cant seam to get away from the doctors she ither ha...


Underweight 13 Month Old, I Did Have IUGR During Pregnancy.

S.D. asks from Los Angeles

I have a beautiful 13 month old baby girl. The only concern that I have is that she is very small in size for her age. She's only 13 and a half pounds. Height wise ...


Starting Solids + Need High Calorie Help

J.A. asks from Dallas

My Dr is not happy with my 6 month olds weight gain and wants me to really push the solid food for the next month and see if that makes a difference. She was just ba...


20 Month Old Daughter Will Not Take Milk from a Cup

A.W. asks from New York

My little girl will not drink milk from a cup. We have tried all types of sippy cups with all kinds of characters on them, but she refuses. SHe will drink juice or ...


Help Getting 11 Month Old Daughter to Take a Bottle

A.N. asks from Albany

Hi all Mom's: I neeed some advice regarding how to get my 11 month old daughter to take a bottle of formula. Thus far, she has been exclusively breastfed and having...


6.5 Month Old Being Extremely Stubborn About Eating Solid Food

S.G. asks from Philadelphia

So I opted to wait until 6 months to start my son on baby food. At his 6 month well-check, his weight was leveling off and it was apparent that he wasn't getting eno...


21 Month Old Waking up to Eat at 5Am?

A.C. asks from San Francisco

Right, first off, I know it's partly my husband and my fault that this is happening now, but we need help getting her to go back to sleep at 5am when she wakes up. ...


Need Advice for Older Baby Who Does Not Want to Drink!

T.W. asks from Spartanburg

Hello everyone, I have an eleven month old baby girl who is not drinking enough all of a sudden. I have read that she should be drinking at least 24 ounces a day, a...


Getting a 9 Month Old to Take a Bottle

A.M. asks from Salt Lake City

Okay so for a while I have been feeling like my milk supply has been on the weak side, but thought since my 9 month old has never had a bottle she would just bring it...