Trying for a Boy or a Girl

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Toddler Will NOT Try New Foods, Mealtime Discipline?

E.K. asks from Seattle

OK this question is for the mamas who have picky eaters, I have a very headstrong daughter who we have always had issues with her eating. We are past many of them and...


My Baby Cries When I Try to Breastfeed

K.R. asks from Las Vegas

My 3 month old fusses every time I try to nurse. Should I stop? How do I stop?


Have Two, Husband Wants to Try Again

L.L. asks from Indianapolis

My husband and I are older parents, (will be 40 and 46) and we have two beautiful boys (ages 6 and 1). He wants to try for a girl. I feel happy with the two boys bu...


Getting My Son to Try Meat

K.S. asks from Athens

Hey everyone, My 16 month old son won't even try meat. When he was first started on solids, my pediatrician advised waiting on meats until he could actually eat th...


Inteligender? Anyone Try It?

J.P. asks from Chicago

I want to find out the gender of my child (for fun and excitement purposes). I have read about "Inteligender" at home gender prediction test and am wondering if anyon...


Ectopic Pregnancy in April, When to Try Again?

J.K. asks from St. Louis

Hi all, my husband and i found out in april we were pregnant with baby #2, very much surprised since i was on the pill but instantly happy. 6 short days later i was i...


Son Won't Try New Foods

C.T. asks from Dallas

My son started kindergarten this week and is the pickiest eater in the world. I'm not sure where my husband and I went wrong or if he was just made the way he is, bu...


Need Opinions on When to Try and Conceive Again.

R.B. asks from Shreveport

I had a Miscarriage March 18th and I was due Nov.1. This has been a hard month for me and while I know I am blessed to have my 2 healthy children I get so jealous see...


Do You Try New Foods?

S.G. asks from Norfolk

Say you're at a party or something, and there's an unfamiliar looking dish at the buffet table. Do you try it? Ask someone else what it is? To put it more bluntl...


My Son Doesn't Try in School....

J.C. asks from Sacramento

My 6th grade, almost 12yr old son doesn't care about school or his grades. (He is difficult to encourage in other areas of responsibiltiy as well.) My husband & I hav...