Trying for a Boy or a Girl: Simplicity

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Can a Child Learn to Self Soothe at Night If Even I Can't Soothe Him Sometimes?

L.B. asks from New York

I asked yesterday about what to do with my "bad sleeper" two year old. His 3.5 week old brother sleeps better than he does or ever did, and with two of them, I am at...


How to Correct Bad Behaviors

L.V. asks from Las Vegas

My boys are pretty hyper, defiant, whiny, rough with each other, tattle tellers, and they cry for every little thing.I don't know what else to do. We are moving into...


Toddler Question

K.M. asks from Roanoke

I have a daughter who just turned 4 years old and she is the light of my life. The question is...actually 2 questions. First, since she turned 4 she has been whinin...


What Do I Call Him?

J.P. asks from Austin

So my BF and I have been together for 4 years. We have a wonderful little girl and another one on the way. We have a really great relationship and are committed to on...


Favorite Oldies but Goodies

J.K. asks from Chicago

Movies that your kids loved or do love old and new such as Annie, Wizard of Oz, Charlotte's web and the Lorax :)


Cheap and Easy Sewing Patterns?

A.C. asks from Atlanta

I am teaching myself to sew, and I would like to find some cheap and easy patterns to make something simple for my kids - maybe a pillowcase dress or something. I wen...


What Are Your Favorite Flowers and WHY? JFF...

R.D. asks from Richmond

Speaking of wedding stuff (if you saw my previous post), I wanted dark purple gerbera daisies in my bouquet... but they don't COME in dark purple and they don't dye w...


Calendar/Planner Recommendations

A.E. asks from Detroit

Hi Moms! I am looking at getting a new planner. In the past I have used the Franklin Covey weekly planner. I am finding now that it is too bulky. I have my work s...


Need Recommendations for Sleep Options for Newborn

T.P. asks from San Francisco

I have a 25 month old girl and am expecting a second baby in less than 2 months. With my first daughter, she hated her crib and ended up sleeping with us every night...


Moms Who Sew, with Skill...

D.F. asks from Raleigh

In my never-ending quest to find a way to make enough money to be able to stay home with my children, I am now thinking about sewing. The major problem with this idea...