Trying for a Boy or a Girl: Simplicity

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Why Do I Have a Strong Desire to Bake When I'm Stressed Out?

♥.O. asks from Washington DC

It's the weirdest thing. I'm really not much of a baker to begin with but everytime I'm going through a stressful situation I get a really strong desire to bake. I tr...


Pre-teens and Young Teens

J.D. asks from Panama City

Is there anyone out there with middle school girls? How do you handle crushes? There seems to be a "need" to have a boyfriend. My daughter is about the only one not a...


Would You Say Something to Friend About Concerns for Her Daughter?

M.R. asks from Kansas City

My neighbor/friend has a daughter the same age as mine. Her daughter wasn't talking a lot and my friend has expressed concerns to me. I just tried to reassure her t...


Health and Medical

M.B. asks from Spokane

Hi all, Until recently my husband and I haven't really given diet much credit for our children's behavior but now we're wondering if we should look into the subject....


5 Yr. Old with Hyperactivity Problem

R.W. asks from Albany

Hi ladies, this is the first post for me. Does anyone have a child with a hyperactivity problem? My daughter is the youngest in her kindergarden class(sept. birthda...


Including All Kids at a Party

L.M. asks from Dover

My daughter wants a princess party for her 4th birthday. I have a few ideas but am trying to come up with great ways to include the boys (we have a few close relativ...


Little Ones in Church

C.B. asks from Sacramento

I have a 6yr old who constantly asks what time church is over and the more I try to hush her, the louder she gets! How or what can I do to enrich her experience and ...


Help! I Want My 6 Yr. Old Out of My Room!

A.Z. asks from Chicago

I have a 6 yr. old boy with ADHD and ODD. I can't get him to quit sleeping in our room and stay in his. For many years he had to share a room, but for over a year n...


Sibset... Cute or Boring??

C.R. asks from Chicago

I have 3 daughters- Grace Margaret (mn is my moms) Brooke Victoria (mn is my MIL) & Ava Paige (mn is my SIL) and I am pregnant for my fourth (due in Dec.) W...



N.D. asks from Chicago

Okay Mamas, I need some help. My almost 4 year old daughter is still a little on the chunky side, mostly her thighs. She has recently started noticing that other ki...