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Advice on Our First RV Trip

D.F. asks from Spokane

Hey Ladies- We are about to ebark on our first trip in our travel trailor. We will be going to a lake about an hour or so away for just a couple of nights. My husba...


Advice on 6 Year Old Sucking Her Thumb!

S.H. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms - I need any advice or proven techniques that you all have used to stop thumb sucking. My 6 year old still sucks her thumb and we have tried verbally remindin...


JFF (Sort Of) - What Does Your 5 Yo Watch on TV?

K.B. asks from Detroit

This isn't meant to be a debate on how much, if any, TV kids should watch. My daughter is now 5 and has been watching the shows on Disney Jr and Nick Jr since she was...


Best Gifts for 5 Year Old Girls?

L.B. asks from Dallas

My 3 year old daughter is invited to a birthday party that is tomorrow and I had forgotten about it. We need to bring a gift for a 5 year old girl. I was hoping tha...


How Do I Tell My 5 Year Old We Are Moving Out of State?

D.W. asks from Washington DC

My husband has recently accepted a job in another state. My 5 year old will finish the school year and then we will move. We have tried to get him excited about get...


Gift Idea for 6 y.o. Girl, Please!

D.H. asks from Portland

I need a gift idea for a 6 y.o. girl. Under $15; girl is not super "girly", i.e. I'm trying to avoid princess stuffl Thanks!


Gift for 4 & 5 Year Old Girls?

S.B. asks from Burlington

My best friend is coming for a visit with her husband and kids from Australia. I only get to see her children every couple of years or so I like to buy them special ...


Disneyland with 1 and 5 Year Old

E.F. asks from Los Angeles

So going to attempt the parks with both girls in June, Disneyland and CA Adv for the first time with kids. Doing 3 days, 3 nights, so 1 year old can still nap during...


Almost 5 Year Old and Leaving House

J.G. asks from Chicago

For about a month now, my soon to be 5 year old has taken her dawdling to a new level and has turned leaving the house into a power struggle. I signed both kids up f...


My 5 Year Old Is a Habitual Liar.

J.M. asks from Raleigh

My 5 year old tells lies almost daily. I have read that this is normal behavior for this age, (ie: using their imagination, realizing that others don't magically know...