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Dogs on an Airplane

K.B. asks from Denver

Hey all, Anyone here have any experience with their dog flying on an airplane? I have a friend moving from NYC to Cali in two weeks and was just told by the airline t...


Red Eye Flight with Two Young Kids ????

L.B. asks from Phoenix

I am taking my girls back to NY to visit my family all by myself. The first flight is a "red eye" overnight, nonstop flight. To make a long story short... My last fl...


Britax Marathon and Plane

V.N. asks from Chicago

I have the Britax Marathon car seat and will be flying with my one year old son. Will that car seat fit in a standard plane seat? Is it a tight fit for the neighbor...


Infant First Flight

J.R. asks from Kansas City

Hi Moms! We are taking our 3 month old son on his first flight. I don't have one specific question, but am more just looking for advice. I am a little concerned abo...


First Time Flight with My 5 Month Old

S.W. asks from Los Angeles

Any advice on keeping my 5 month old calm on her first flight?? We are flying the redeye from CA to NY. Any tips are appreciated!


Flying with Seven Month Old

J.L. asks from Chicago

I am looking for any suggestions / tips in flying with a seven month old. Next month we will be flying to CA to visit family and I'm wondering if there are any tips ...


Flying with an Infant!!

T.F. asks from San Antonio

My boyfriend and I will be taking our ,at the time, 4 month old daughter on an airplane! I am wondering if any of you have some suggestions-ie how to transport formul...


1St Plane Ride

J.T. asks from Phoenix

Any words of wisdom for an 11 month old's first plane ride? He's not walking quite yet, but is a crawling maniac :)


Flying with 20 Month Old

M.D. asks from Chicago

Hi- I am flying with my 20 month old next week. Do I need to put him in a car seat on the plane? Also, any ideas to keep him busy during the flight? He doesn'...


Children on a Plane - a Rant

A.C. asks from Atlanta

Did anyone else see the editorial about flying with children the other day? I'll post the link below, but I found it very distressing. Not the article itself (it's ac...