Traveling by Plane: Toddler, Infantino

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Flying with an 8 Month Old

I will be taking my daughter, (8 months when we fly), on a four hour flight by myself and she doesn't have her own seat. I don't ever really give her medicine unless she really needs it (i.e. fever, etc.) but I am wondering if there is anything I can give her to help with take-off and landing, I will feel awful for her and everyone else on the plane if she is screaming during the flight. Any suggestions? Also - is anyone familiar with policies about strollers and carseats? Are they counted as your carry-on baggage or not? Any travel...

International Travel

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Suggestions for International Travel with a 5 Month Old?

Hi moms, I will be taking a family vacation to Spain in August and my son will be 5 months old at the time. We are taking a nonstop flight, have purchased a seat for Oliver on the plane (which means we need to also bring a car seat) and will be renting a car when we arrive in Barcelona. We will be staying in a house with plenty of space, but no crib or other baby amenities. I breastfeed, so I'm not worried about the plane too much, although I am worried that my son won't want to sleep on the plane. At this point I have both an infant...