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3 Mo. Old on an Airplane Flight...

Any advise on taking a 3 month old on a 4 hr or so flight (actually with 1 plane change too)? I don't know what we should do with the car seat, or bring toys or what to pack. I'm nursing her full time but she sometimes will take a bottle if we need too, so should I have one as a backup plan? We don't have a separate ticket for her so she will pretty much be a lap infant. I'm just a little nervous and looking for any tips for at at the airport and on the plane!!! Has anyone done it successfully? Thanks!


Baby on a Plane

i am about to take my 9mth old on a 3hr plane ride. he is super squirmy and...

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Seeking Tips on Overseas Plane Travel with a 1 Year Old

In a few months I'm meeting my husband overseas- and therefore going to be flying solo with my one year old to get there. He's going to be in my lap for about 8 hours- luckily (I think) a night time flight. Just wondering if anyone has tips on dealing with the airport, new security things to consider, helpful things to bring etc. I don't want to be that passenger everyone hates by the end of the flight. Thanks!


Air Travel Tips

Hi there, my son will be 14 months when we will be travelling 11 hours...