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Advice for a Long Flight with 2 Toddlers

I am flying with my 2 toddlers (3 and 1) in March. I have flown with them both before on short flights (1.5 hours) and they do okay, but are totally ready to get off the plane by the end of the flight. The one we are taking is 2 hours, 1 hour lay over, then 4 hours. I am a little freaked out about the tantrums that will be thrown. I personally don't believe it is fair to subject others on such small quarters to this. I have heard of giving kids medication to make them a little sleepy and I am wondering if anyone has done that and how it...

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I Need a Great and Durable Backpack for Nursing School

I am starting nursing school in the fall and I'm looking for a durable backpack. I've looked at Target, Walmart and Staples and have seen adult backpacks from $30-$120. I'd like to stay under $100 and I want to make sure that when I buy one that is semi-expensive that it will last for a couple of years. Has anyone bought a nice backpack recently that they really like and found to be durable and comfortable as far as the material, straps, zippers, etc. Also, many of the more expensive ones that I'm seeing are "laptop" backpacks with...