Traveling by Plane: Britax

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Britax Marathon and Plane

I have the Britax Marathon car seat and will be flying with my one year old son. Will that car seat fit in a standard plane seat? Is it a tight fit for the neighbors on either side? How did you transport it through the airport? Thanks!


Which Britax Carseat?

We need to buy a new carseat for my daughter (soon to be 1 y/o and 20+ lbs.)...

International Travel

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Best Car Seat for Overseas Travel

My husband and I will be traveling with our nearly 2-year old daughter overseas this October. Regulations require that she be in an FAA approved car seat. But I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions on the best car seat (i.e. easy to carry, lightweight, etc.). Taking one of the seats we use now in our vehicles seems challenging, as they are bulky and heavy.